Exedy Clutch Kits are the most coveted clutch systems in the motorsport world and are also gaining popularity among non-professional drivers. Here’s a quick overview of their range of clutches available in Melbourne-

Sports Tuff Clutch Kits

If you are an amateur or professional race car driver who is participating in a drag or drift event then Exedy’s Sports Tuff clutch kits lineup will be ideal for you. These Exedy clutch kits can also be used for your normal daily drive. They come in three variations-

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1) Heavy Duty (HD) clutch kits – For amateur motorsports events where vehicles with light modifications are used.

2) Heavy Duty Button (HDB) clutch kits – For all amateur race events like drift, circuit, rally and drag racing.

3) Heavy Duty Cushion Button (HDCB) clutch kits – For transmitting increased engine torque and are perfect for vehicles that have moderate tuning

Exedy Racing Clutch Kits
Exedy Racing clutches are known for their premium performances across the world. Exedy’s range of racing clutches is used by drivers at top-level motorsports events like Formula 1, All Japan GT series and New Zealand V8 Touring Cars. These racing clutches come with a wide range of variations-

=> Single Sports Series
Exedy has designed these advanced clutches in this series using its expertise and its state of the art engineering facilities. Single Sports Series racing clutches come in four distinct types:
• Sports Cover: For high-performance driving.
• Sports Organic Kit: Designed for track use and can handle increased torque.
• Sports Ceramic Kit: Delivers improved grip, shifting and torque delivery with high heat dissipation.
• Race Ceramic Kit: Designed specifically for increasing the overall performance with a focus on various racing applications.

=> Hyper Metal Series
Hyper Metal Series is the next generation of racing clutches that Exedy offers in its range of racing technologies. This clutching system provides better transmission during faster acceleration. The Hyper Metal Series clutches are available in the following variations-
• Hyper Single/Twin/Triple Plate
• Hyper Comp-R/Comp-D Twin Plate
• S Metal/ R Metal Clutch set

=> Hyper Carbon Series
Hyper Carbon Series is the best and the top of the line clutch kit that Exedy offers. It is designed and manufactured Formula 1 cars. But now these world-class clutch kits are available in the market for wider amateur and professional use. Hyper Carbon systems are ideal for vehicles with high horsepower and are available in these variations.
• Hyper Carbon-D – Single & Twin Plate
• Hyper Carbon-R – Single Twin & Triple Plate

Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch Kits
Exedy Safari Tuff clutch kit range has been designed to meet the demands of four-wheel driving on various terrains. The design and materials used to build the components meet all the specification for high-performance 4×4 vehicles. The performance of Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch Kit’s engineering is far superior in comparison to normal standards. The Safari Tuff range has been tested extensively at some of the best and toughest four-wheel drive races across the world.

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