Logbook Servicing

Why Is Log Book Service Essential?

Logbook service can be performed after every 10,000 km run or as per the specification of the manufacturer. It is required for:

  • Making improvements in the condition of the vehicle.
  • Improving the performance of the vehicle.
  • Increasing safety while traveling.

Assurance of a Trustworthy Service

Our technicians are well-trained to provide services as per your expectations. With long-term experience in the field of car servicing and repairs, we are here to take care of your wonderful car. It is our pleasure to provide you with log book service as per the manufacturer recommendations.

You Are Always Welcome!

JRM Automotive Specialists Centre takes pride in providing quality logbook services to clients at affordable rates! If you require additional information about our logbook services, feel free to visit us or call us at (61) 397364270

Logbook Servicing